8 Reasons To Have A Photo Booth At Your Wedding

There is a lot of planning that goes into your wedding. You have to worry about the food, the guest list, the photographer, the videographer, the venue, and much more. Despite the entire planning process one of the most overlooked aspects of any wedding is what the guests will actually do after the wedding and dinner.

Fortunately there is an extremely simple solution that will keep your guests from being bored on your special day while providing memories that will last you the rest of your life: a San Diego photo booth. Not sure if it’s right for you? Here are 8 reasons having a photo booth at your wedding is something your guests will love:


1. It Gives Your Guests Something To Do

As mentioned, there is a surprising amount of downtime for guests at a wedding. While the bride and groom are going to be busy with changing clothes, taking photos, and everything else the guests are going to be sitting around without much to do.  A photo booth changes all of that. Before the ceremony, before the reception, and any other time that there is a “rest” period during the day, guests can have fun at the photo booth instead of sitting idly.


2. Photo Booths Are Extremely Fun

This is what it is all about—your guests enjoying your special day as much as you are. Photo booths are a great way for guests to loosen up and relax despite the formality of the event. With a multitude of props to have fun with, all of the guests and their family members can take a few minutes to “unwind” which creates a happy, fun-filled atmosphere throughout your wedding day.


3. Guests Of All Ages Can Enjoy The Photo Booth

Weddings are typically not a place that kids have a lot of fun at. Unfortunately this can result in a lot of restless children which can leave parents feeling a bit exhaust and agitated. A photo booth is a great thing for everyone at the wedding, young and old alike. It’s a simple solution to give children something fun to do that even grandma and grandpa can enjoy as well!


4. Easily Share Photos Of Your Event

Being able to share your wedding photos on Facebook for all of your friends and family that weren’t able to attend is great, but it typically involves only the “formal” photos. After photos are taken at the photo booth, they can quickly be shared on your social media accounts to not only show off the guests, but give a glimpse to all of the fun your guests are having!


5. Give Your Guests The Perfect Party Favor

As a quick, simple way of saying thank you to your guests for witnessing your wedding day, giving copies of the photo booth photos to the guests is a personalized gift they will never forget. While a candle that has your name and wedding date is nice and pretty, photos from the actual day itself will be appreciated a lot more.


6. Have The Perfect Guestbook Keepsake

Getting everyone to sign your guestbook is nice but it can be completely transformed with the addition of photos. Instead of a simple signature saying they were at the wedding, a photo booth miniature print next to every name in your guest book will give you visual memories as you reflect on your wedding in the future.


7. Customizable For Your Theme

The best photo booth you can have is one that matches up with your wedding. Fortunately props, backgrounds, and other aspects of your photo booth can be completely customized for your wedding in particular. This allows you to have images that are completely unique to your wedding that seamlessly tie in with every other aspect of your day.


8. Allows Your Guests To Relax

There are a lot of other photos and videos being taken at the wedding, but they are typically staged, formal photos. With a wedding photo booth your guests will be able to relax and let loose for informal, fun photos to provide a better picture of the wedding day.

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